WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

For the last three years of college, you’re going to find yourself having many interviews. Whether it’s for an internship or a job, it is extremely important to look professional. When prepping for an interview many people forget about their outfit. Having a perfected cover letter and resume is important, but your appearance also plays a vital role. The first thing the interviewer will see is how you present yourself. Preparing for an interview is very nerve-wracking and stressful, but what you are going to wear shouldn’t be. You should always have your go-to interview outfits in the back of your closet so you do not need to stress the night before or morning of.

As you can see from this Fashionista, he is ready to take on his interview by storm. He is wearing a classic navy blue suit that makes him look sharp and sophisticated. In my opinion, you should always wear a suit to an interview no matter how big the job is. A suit shows confidence and professionalism. It is very important to get your suit tailored so it fits just right. He wears a Nieman Marcus patterned light pink button-down that gives a sharp look, but adds some of his personal style. I would recommend to also wear a tie.  He finished his look with brown wing tip dress shoes and a matching brown belt. He wore fun patterned socks from Express that stuck out the perfect amount. It is important to make sure all your clothing fits just right and is comfortable. You can tell this Fashionisto spent a lot of time to look sharp. You have to dress to impress.

One Simple Change: Did the interview go great and you want to celebrate? Take off your suit jacket and your tie, and then you’re ready for celebratory drinks with friends!