WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Job interviews tend to be pretty nerve-racking for anyone. From the minute you walk in the door you want to be representing the best version of yourself! This means nailing that first impression, not just with your interviewer, but also with anyone you encounter as soon as you walk in that building. First impressions can be stressful, but if all you’re having to worry about is how good your handshake is, not whether your dress is too short, then you will overall feel and be more confident.

I’ve repeatedly made the mistake of valuing “beauty” over what is actually an appropriate outfit for any given occasion. Sometimes it’s hard to change up your style and dress maturely, and it is definitely less fun. I promise you that most jobs will not be looking for how cute your outfit is, but rather how appropriate it is. I spotted a sophisticated Fashionista on my way to class and she really was dressed for a job interview so I thought it was perfect! Normally, I would have chosen a plain black dress so I loved the idea she had to switch it up with some stripes. Sometimes a patterned dress can be a little distracting, but paired with the plain black blazer I think the two pieces look chic and sophisticated. Depending on the job interview, you could also recreate this look using less black and more gray, to make it more casual.

One Simple Change: Make this look appropriate for a class presentation by losing the blazer and switching out the shoes for some cute colorful flats. If you’re feeling bold, match your shoes with a statement necklace to finish off the look!