WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

One often wonders what happens during the last semester before graduation. If you were to ask many college students in their last semester of college waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel, many would reply by merely saying anxiety linked to upcoming interviews. Since completing applications and achieving the textbook resume are stressful enough, deciding on a business casual ensemble should not be.

When prepping for an interview, we tend to direct all the focus on our qualifications for the position and forget that the outfit is also an imperative element. First impressions are based off our physical appearance and our clothing choice. Certain factors could be what causes you to stand out against the other applicants. If you don’t look the part at first glance, you may never get a second chance to prove your worth.

Don’t fret because this Fashionisto is here to ensure that your outfit choice will make your first impression unforgettable. This dapper Fashionisto is sporting professional attire suitable for the Florida climate while also remaining true to his personal style.

To accomplish the classic and the dapper gentleman look, this Fashionisto’s ensemble is comprised of neutral tones such as navy and khaki. He donned a solid navy button-down tucked into a staple pair of Gap khaki trousers. In order to successfully accomplish the business casual look, he added a patterned tie, a brown belt to add color and texture and pair of brown oxfords.

Always remember that the fit of your clothing should suit your body shape and be the proper color against your skin tone. The fabric should be comfortable and breathable to ensure a lack of sweat stains and sweaty palms when approaching interview time.

One Simple Change: If you would like to transform this Fashionisto’s professional look for cold weather, simply layer with a vest and your choice of men’s ties tucked in and a timeless trench or mac coat.