WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

“Suit up!” is one of the famous catchphrases from the show How I Met Your Mother. Barney Stinson, the character who uses this phrase, is a womanizer who makes sure to always abide by the rule of suiting up. I did not particularly enjoy the womanizing aspect of the show; however, there is a truth to the logic of the catchphrase—that is, there is a real life correspondence of dressing well leading to success.

Being well dressed can increase your income, so stocking up on fashionable items is a great investment for yourself. This Fashionisto is smart and dresses for success with his suit jacket and pants from Bar III (found exclusively at Macy’s), Ralph Lauren dress shirt, Michael Kors tie and belt, Bostonian dress shoes, Burberry watch, Louis Vuitton messenger bag and Ray-Ban sunglasses. The mantra that this Fashionisto lives by is to dress for success and to be prepared for any occasion. He knows the importance of making a good presentation of himself and the lasting effects of a good first impression. Take inspiration from his look to stand out in interviews!

One Simple Change: Get rid of the suit jacket and tie for a more casual look. Going for a walk in the city? Thinking about relaxing on a dinner cruise for a night? This is a classy and clean look that can work for multiple occasions. Go ahead and grab that champagne bottle. You deserve to rewind once in a while and celebrate your beautiful life. Cheers, I wish you the best.