WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

The beginning of June is a fitting time to land a part-time job or internship. The necessity to impress your future employer in an interview is running through your head and, no doubt, what to wear for that first formal encounter. This week, I spotted an exuberant Fashionista who was on her way to an interview in Midtown, Manhattan. Her outfit embodies the fine lines between elegant summer wear and appropriate interview attire for a fashion internship.

This Fashionista chose a chic, black and white print, smocked dress for her interview. This dress has a flattering fold around the waist to separate the top and bottom. The pattern is mute, yet unique, and only from close up can one tell that the speckled design is created by two basic colors. She wears a suede Proenza Schouler PS1 handbag as her first accessory; this navy, velvet satchel complements her elegant ensemble like a dream. She chose to wear a pair of flat, lace sandals for easy walking. The laces tied into bows almost look like tiny butterflies and white colored shoes are coveted summer items that are appropriate for any occasion. This Fashionista wears minimal gold rings and a bracelet to reflect the details in her bag. Lastly, she keeps her résumé ready in a green folder that adds a pop of color to this look.

Another aspect to bring to an interview is a great smile. When I stopped this Fashionista, she was so happy to share that she was headed to an interview, and looked relaxed and vibrant. I hope her outfit, as well as her great attitude, brings an inspiration for those who have interviews this week! Good luck!

One Simple Change: Switch the sandals to a pair of black pumps for a girl’s night out!