WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Interviewing is always a hard task, but it is a necessity for most college students. This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for a casual interview for college students. Indeed, it’s always important to keep in mind that a suit and tie might not be absolutely necessary for formal interviews. It is presentable yet approachable. In the meantime, we can still see a student majoring in Business. She keeps the outfit simple and clean.

I met her on her way back from her museum interview. She was excited that she got this position. I thought her outfit was not very formal but perfect to wear to make a great first impression at a museum interview. It shows the personality of a student studying Business, which is simple and clean. She started her outfit with a cream, silky shirt top and fitted black trousers. On top of that, her combination of tight trousers and Dr. Martens shoes makes her presentable. At the same time, the silky shirt adds comfort, especially in the summertime. Then she completed her outfit with a navy striped jacket and a kate spade handbag. She suggested that the top should always be long sleeve or that the sleeves should at least cover your elbows. She told me that the one thing that has helped her deal with the stress during the interview is to have the balance between presentability and comfortableness.

One Simple Change: Ready to celebrate the successful interview during a night with friends? Change the Dr. Martens into a pair of black heels for a shiny simple look.