WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Now that all the final exams are done and the big tests have been taken, college seniors are graduating. It’s time for them to step out into the real world and it’s time for their first “big girl” interviews. This means business suits, pants and skirts. Many young women struggle with the question, “Do I have to sacrifice my personal style to get the job?” The answer is no!

This Fashionista has done it just right. She looks professional and fashionable at the same time. She pairs a classic black pencil skirt with a blue button-down. Instead of tucking in the shirt, she ties it at her waist for some extra flair. For a more modest and put together look,she adds a gray cardigan with simple details on the shoulder and cuffs her sleeves over the cardigan.

She may stick to traditional business colors throughout her clothing, but her accessories are where her personal style comes to life. Her leather purse is a light lavender color and is the perfect size to hold a resume or small portfolio. Her vintage pink pumps add the perfect pop of color to her ensemble. The necklace also has a vintage feel with the muted jewels and a rustic gold color. As for bracelets, the more the merrier! This Fashionista piles them on with her Michael Kors watch. She also wears a simple turquoise ring. Her accessories are just simple and dainty enough that it is not over the top.

This Fashionista has an effortless business-chic style and is guaranteed to make a great first impression.

One Simple Change: Want a fun and dressed up look for the weekend? Ditch the pencil skirt, and add a classic pair of blue skinny jeans. The swap will take your outfit from professional to casual. You’ll be ready to conquer whatever the weekend throws your way.