WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Though it’s still winter quarter, the sand in the hourglass trickles down especially fast for seniors improving their resumes, going to interviews and taking internships. Academic achievement and personal capability are definitely crucial factors of an outstanding interviewee. Dressing up tasteful clothing to show one’s vigorousness will definitely add extra bonus points during an interview. This Fashionista’s clothing demonstrates her enthusiasm, professional attitude and great confidence, which is a good example of business casual for certain interviews.

This bight red blazer undoubtedly catches the spotlight and causes people to keep their eyes on her. I personally feel that red here is just the smartest choice due to the importance of the first impression you want to leave on people. A brighter red is what I recommend and prefer the most amongst all shades of red colors. Especially for such a cloudy, cold winter season, red is the perfect ice breaking and lively color. Plus, her blazer’s simple cut and classy design tells interviewer, “That’s right. I am who I am, the one you’ve been looking for.”

The Fashionista plays with multiple colors masterfully while keeping color unity in mind at the same time. You can find similar colors in her scarf and silky shirt, like red, orange and white. They click with each other and also work well with red of the suit.

Instead of randomly putting on various fancy or sparkling accessories, this smart Fashionista simply wears her class ring from high school. The ring itself contains a certain noble sense, which is displayed through the navy stone and silver decoration. Story and meaning behind the ring may ignite some interesting conversation with the interviewer after the interview.

One Simple Change: Switching the black boots to a pair of heels that are the same color as the red suit will advance you from a novice to a charming intern.