WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Internships are crucial these days in order to be successful, especially if you are in the fashion industry. We are all praying to get the interview of a lifetime. Once you score that interview, crunch time begins. All the thoughts start running through your mind of what questions to practice, how early to leave, what to bring and so much more. There is no doubt what you are going to wear is at the top of the list.

You want your outfit to say “this is me” however there are times when sticking to a classic professional look can help you earn your place. This Fashionisto brings a fresh new perspective to the classic look with his stand out accessories. His balance of style and professionalism can say a lot in an interview setting. When it comes to men’s fashion, particularly in a professional environment, there is little room to play up the everyday suit and tie. This is where accessories come in. Fashion totes or briefcases similar to our Fashionisto’s can serve a functional purpose and add flair. Carry a tote on your commute to work and you are street style ready!

Now if you are going to go the classic route, it is a must to add a to die for pair of shoes. Keep your outfit simple and tapered to your body. Wearing a skinnier leg pant will show off those killer shoes, or you can simply cuff your pants like this Fashionisto. Men, go for a textured loafer or lace up-boot. Socks are another great accessory to let your personality shine; let them peak out of your pant leg.

One Simple Change: Freezing where you are? Warm up for cold weather with a wool top coat.