WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

May 13th, 2016 at 2:10am

As summer inches closer and closer, the hunt for internships and jobs begins. The endless and daunting task of searching for an internship or job can be exhausting. And when you do finally hear back from a potential employer requesting an interview, about a hundred new stressors pop up including what to wear. First impressions mean everything so you’re going to want to make sure that you’re dressed to impress to score that dream internship or job.

You want to look professional but you should insert your personality into your look, especially if you’re interested in an opportunity in a creative field such as fashion merchandising. This stylish Fashionista nailed the interview look. A blazer is a great go-to for an interview and this Fashionista stepped up to the plate in a blazer that was professional but also unique with its subtle eclectic print; the dark color of the blazer keeps the print from being too loud for the interview. She styled it with a couple of other classic pieces: a white button-down and a pair of dressy loafers. The classic white button-down exudes professionalism. Like her blazer, the loafers were a great interview outfit choice because they’re such a classic, office-worthy piece but the silver metallic color lets this Fashionista’s style shine through.

While this Fashionista killed it with her button-down shirt, loafers and blazer, her eye-catching pants kept this look from feeling tired. The quirky print of the pants instantly makes this look about a hundred times more fashionable while also showing an employer that she’s bold and not scared to take risks. Her strong style choices communicate to her potential employer that she’s professional but also has a strong sense of personality and creativity. She doesn’t seem like the quiet employee that hardly contributes to team meetings but rather an employee who brings a lot of ideas, creativity and innovation to the table. And that is how you make a good first impression.

One Simple Change: Once you’ve dominated your interview, head out to dinner and drinks with your besties to celebrate. Ditch the blazer, unbutton a few buttons, roll up your sleeves, swipe on a bold red lipstick and platform heels and you’re ready to celebrate.