WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

April 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

As the school year comes to a close many of us are looking for the perfect summer job or internship. Submitting application after application can be stressful, but the actual interview process is even more nail-biting. The application may get you a chance to meet with HR at your dream job, but the interview lands you the position. Wearing the wrong clothes will not set you off to a good start.

Many people get confused as to what is appropriate to wear for such an occasion. As I was walking around campus a few days ago, I saw this Fashionista sporting the perfect interview look. She had on a crisp white button-down with a black midi skirt. To complete the look, she added a gold statement necklace and some black tasseled heels. She didn’t want the jewelry to be over the top, so she went with simple pearls for earrings. This outfit is perfect for an interview because it showcases her as a person and still looks professional.

Dressing for an interview can be tricky because it is important to look the part, but to still maintain your own sense of style and personality. Stick to neutral colors when it comes to the clothes. If your interview is for a fashion-based job then don’t be afraid to add a bright blazer or some statement jewelry. What you wear should be based on the industry you plan on going into. Ask the hiring manager what is appropriate before the interview, that way you don’t show up in something completely unprofessional.

One Simple Change: Dress this look down by adding a bold floral top. This is the perfect look for brunch with friends on a beautiful Saturday morning.