WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

It’s the start of a new semester and you know what that means: summer’s over. It also marks the start of applications for fall internships in our prospective career fields. Hundreds of college students are striving to land that dream internship in that perfect firm or company that will get us one step closer to achieving our career goals. These companies conduct so many internship interviews on a daily basis, and with the high traffic of applicants, it is not enough to depend on what we have on paper, but now on how we present ourselves and what impression we leave on our interviewers. I cannot think of a greater way to express yourself than through personal style. What you wear reflects your personality and how you dress is how will be addressed (yes, this is scientifically proven).

For an interview, whether in a social or professional situation, you want to, not just look your best, but to stand out! One way that works for all seasons is by the beautiful art of color blocking. This Fashionista is my muse for this topic, because in this super stylish ensemble she captured the essence of blocking colors in a very subtle but impressionable manner. Her red silk blouse paired with her edgy blue blazer are definite head-turners, and her decision to tone down the very primary colors with a neutral colored pair of black pleated pants was perfect. Elevating her from the rest of the world are her black suede lace-up wedges, and her chunky beaded necklace really just puts the whole look together.

If you love a good color challenge, but are afraid your blocking wouldn’t come out as planned (although, it probably will), you can take baby-steps by pairing the brighter colors neutrals like this Fashionista did in the photos, and you’re more than ready to take on any interview, whatever it may entail!

Simple Change: Successfully completed your interview and need to take the edge off? Hanging out with the girls or going dancing, perhaps?  Lose the blazer and switch into a sophisticated pair of high heeled sandals and you’re ready for a night out on the town!