WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

With the new school year quickly approaching, many of us are in the process of either securing on or off campus jobs, or even more importantly, internships. One vital part about obtaining the specific position you’ve applied for is landing an interview. It’s an exciting moment to know that your potential supervisor is interested in your abilities and what you can bring to their place of work. You may be one step closer to calling yourself “employed,” but the interview is definitely your chance to shine. In order to keep a memorable persona, you have to bring charisma to your outfit.

Some companies have dress codes as to what would be deemed appropriate. If you are unsure of the company’s dress code, dressing up is always the best option. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with being too dressed up. I was wearing a dress on the first day of my internship in an office filled with ripped jeans, sneakers and band T-shirts. It shows that you are very serious about the position and you know a thing or two about rad style. When exploring the streets of Manhattan, I spotted this Fashionista with an extremely posh take on an interview outfit.

This Fashionista decided to wear a colorful scheme, but nothing too overbearing. She wore a crisp white top tucked into a pair of jeans while still looking professional. To dress it up, she slipped on a light pink blazer. She kept it comfortable by wearing a pair of black flats that were too cool with embellishments on the heel. With a large black Michael Kors bag, this Fashionista was ready to take on any interview. With such a casual take, there seemed to be one thing left to make this outfit pop. After interning in the jewelry department of a public relations firm, my eyes are automatically drawn to any of piece of jewelry. Her large white and gold beaded statement necklace was the perfect finishing touch to this look.

Dressing polished for an interview is important for you to land the position, as well as for your confidence. When you know you’re outfit is a solid ten, you will feel even better about the interview process. Better yet, when the individual interviewing you sees you are beaming, it will be an easier decision for them to know if you are right for the position. What are you waiting for? Check out the contents in your closet and start preparing for your next interview that may pave the way to your dream job!

One Simple Change: Have an introductory presentation for a class? Swap the jeans for a pencil skirt to give another take on the business casual approach.