WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Hey there my fellow Fashionistas/os. Summer is approaching and that means a couple of things, such as vacation time or summer school. However, others may say it’s job season time. Before you go into that job interview make sure you plan out your outfit so you’re not stressed about it the day of. But, what exactly is suitable for an interview? We’ll that’s why I’m here to help, my friends.

Remember an interview is all about the first impression, so during an interview, you want to be three things: professional, stylish and smart. Also, make sure you bring along an extra resume and cover letter in your purse it helps to plan ahead. Keep your makeup light and fresh, you don’t want to overdo it. Unless, of course, you’re applying as a makeup artist then do your craft!

So first things first, when selecting an interview outfit, you don’t want to wear anything too tight and revealing. The best look to go for is a simple skirt or dress with a simple pattern or a neutral color that’s knee length. Secondly, your accessories should also be simple you don’t want to overdo it but still try to look stylish.

This Fashionista was able to look stylish and professional by adding a nice pastel pink blazer along with her black on black skirt and shirt set. Her jewelry was very minimal with her mini pearl peekaboo earrings. The Fashionista’s kate spade purse and black zippered heels really put the whole outfit together.

One Simple Change: You got the job and you feel like celebrating or you just feel like celebrating in general? Go ahead and put the blazer away and play up your outfit with jewelry and a nice red lip and you’re ready for a night out!