WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Summer is coming, and you are probably planning to get an internship or job in the big city or in your hometown. It’s time for an interview. A dress makes the look a little bit informal even though summertime is approaching. You are also thinking about ankle pants but feel like they add to your age. How can you look fresh like a college girl looking forward to getting a job for this summer? This Fashionista teaches us her tricks.

The top should always be long sleeve, or the sleeves should at least cover your elbows. A dark color, like navy or gray, always works better than a bright color for a formal meeting. Her V-neck chiffon blouse is appropriate for this interview. A pair of dark blue jeans may not be included in your top interview outfit, but tight jeans are the kind of pants that match with almost any top. Since you have not yet begun your career, why not wear jeans? Choose one pair that is comfortable so you can be fully prepared for the interview in the waiting room. Also, a pair of jeans that you have worn for a long time gives you confidence and comfort. For accessories, this Fashionista decides to add some personal touch. Dramatic silver earrings add some cultural elements into the outfit. Her black and silver decorated flats also match the whole look. Different kinds of rings show her style and attitude. She can put in all she needs for this interview in her red cross-body bag. For an interview, simple and dark colors dominate.

One Simple Change: Good news: you got the job! Now it’s time for your first day at work. Simply change your jeans into suit pants to make it more professional, and go impress everyone at work!