WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

It is finally spring, the season for warm weather, dresses, Ray-Bans and, most importantly, the season for job/internship preparation. Whether you are an underclassman looking for an internship or a senior looking for a job, interview preparation is necessary for everyone in college. One of the most important things in preparing for your interview is your visual appearance. What you wear can make a huge impact on your chances of landing that internship or job. I found this Fashionista leaving the career center after an interview workshop. She is a perfect example of what to wear for an interview or any professional networking event.

Keeping the colors black and burgundy was a great choice. The colors come off as not too showy or flashy but rather as clean, sharp and professional. This Fashionista is also wearing great staple pieces that can be added to any interview outfit. Black glasses are timeless, classic, sleek and make her look like she is ready for any job offer. A simple cotton cardigan is an easy staple to add on to any look and is great for the workplace. It adds a level of sophistication and professionalism to her ensemble. Though it is tempting to bring out the high heels, it is important to remember to keep your heel size small for an interview. This Fashionista wore a simple closed toe heel that was just the right height. My favorite part about this Fashionista’s outfit is her plaid pants. The pattern is subtle enough that it doesn’t overdo the look but the plaid offers an extra hint of cool style and personality. It is important to show a little bit of personality in an interview outfit but not overdo it. Whether it is plaid pants or a small accessory, showing a bit of who you are will really make you stand out to the interviewer.

One Simple Change: Pair your slacks with a simple silk button-down top or switch up the cardigan for a blazer for an internship ready look. These pieces are both other great basic essentials that every college student should have in their closet.