WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

As the senioritis sets in and suddenly you’re spending more time with friends than at your actual classes, you realize one inevitable thing is coming: the real world. As college students, many of us have an undeniable feeling that these four years will never end. On thing we do realize is that one thing will definitely last forever. This one thing is the fact that we need money. As nice as it would be to live at our parents’ house forever (yikes), having money requires having a job and of course, having a job requires the dreaded interviews.

As if detaching from our all year round Christmas lights in the living room isn’t hard enough, now all of the sudden we’re competing for a paying job. Interviews can be a very stressful moment; you want to seem like a professional and that you know what you’re talking about, but you also don’t want to sound like a robot spitting out memorized lines.

What you wear to a job interview tells the interviewer a lot about you. Many times it will depend of what field of interest you’re going into. This particular Fashionista is striving to be a teacher. With any interview, it’s important to show your personality along with your style and I think she does just that.

One interview go-to is easy: the blazer. A simple black blazer can give just about any outfit a professional edge. This Fashionista pairs her black blazer with an effortless, white peplum top and a chunky necklace that gives her outfit a girly pop. Her trendy straight leg pants rolled up at the ankle add to the professional feel. Finally, her pointed-toed black pumps are what completed the whole ensemble for me. They add the perfect accomplished look to the interview outfit.

Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps to achieve the perfect, polished and feminine look that is sure to land you any job!

One Simple Change: Don’t have time to change after the interview before dinner with your girls? Simply ditch the professional pants for a dark wash skinny jeans for a girl’s night out.