WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Interviews are absolutely terrifying. I’m genuinely surprised not many people list “interviews” as one of their fears, along with snakes and needles. There are numerous seminars and books on how to ace an interview. Although sometimes scary and nerve wracking, interviews are an exciting moment in a young adult’s life. It signifies maturity and a potential job offer in the future. With some inspiration from this Fashionista’s perfect interview look, your outfit will be the least of your worries.

When picking out an outfit, the best advice I have is to pick out your outfit in advance. For example, if you have an interview on Friday, start going through your closet and laying out potential pieces on Wednesday. You will have time to make changes to your outfit without being stressed. This Fashionista shows that being pulled together and professional doesn’t necessarily require a black pantsuit. Her peplum top is conservative, but the cinching in the waist shows off her figure. Her chino pants are an excellent spring substitute for winter wool dress pants. Depending on your work environment, flats may be an acceptable option. This Fashionista adds a pop of animal print by incorporating snake embossed loafers to her look. The loafers are neutral and don’t distract from her overall look. If your work environment is more formal, throw on a black blazer and switch from this Fashionista’s comfortable flats to these stunning heels.

One Simple Change: When an interview approaches, it’s best to leave your low cut tops at home! But once you’ve aced the interview and scored that internship, rock a floral blouse like this for a day at work.