WHAT TO WEAR: Internships

It is officially summer for college students, and you know what that means—internships galore! For some, it may mean moving to another state for the summer, and for others, it is a daily commute into and out of any major city.

If it wasn’t hard enough to secure an internship, now you have to figure out what to wear five days a week for the whole summer. As college students, we are used to just throwing on a T-shirt and sweatpants and calling it a day, but that will not fly in the real world.

When dressing for an internship, you must look professional and ready to work each and every day. Dressing appropriately for your internship shows your employer that you are eager to learn and ready for any task they might throw your way. It will also let them know that you take your job seriously and are really trying to make an effort to get experience in the work force.

So hang up those sweatpants for a rainy day and get ready to look like a working Fashionista/o!

This Fashionisto is looking quite dapper in his navy blue suit with a blue button down white collared shirt. He accessorized this look with a red tie and blue-checkered pocket square. He is also sporting gorgeous cufflinks accompanied by a brown-banded watch. This look is clean and professional and is perfect for any internship.

One Simple Change: Just finished a super long workday and want to relax with some fellow interns? No problem! Just take those cuff links and jacket off and roll up your sleeves. It is still a perfect look for dinner with your coworkers.