WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

After months of perfecting your resume, composing the most heartfelt cover letter and scoring a 10/10 on your interviews, you’ve secured your internship. First and foremost, congrats! Secondly, I hope you have your planner, notepad and energy bars ready for days filled with lifelong tips and lessons that will bring you one step closer to landing your dream job. But wait—what do you possibly wear to display that calm, cool and collective attitude your career counselor spent hours drilling into your head? Relax! Looking professional and put together is simple and knowing you have a killer outfit ready each morning will make rolling out of bed a little easier.

Like this trendy Fashionista, looking professional, yet stylish at a corporate internship can be easy if you use a little creativity. Skip the snooze-worthy khaki pants and your mom’s flats. Instead, look sharp and put together by stocking your closet with mix and match separates, simple accessories and a structured bag that holds all of your daily must-haves. Invest in a few classic cotton, chiffon and silk items, and you will be the most polished intern in the office.

Speaking of, I saw this Fashionista walking out of the Yale New Haven Health System building. Are you ready for this mouth full? She is an intern in the corporate finance department in accounts payable (you can catch your breath now). Put simply—she is around professionals each day and must look presentable at all times.

The secret to her every day outfit? Modest, chic accessories. For the base, this Fashionista wore solid colors in both the pants and the shirt so that she has room to play with embellishments. Her classic, neutral shoes with a small heel look flawless for any outfit. For pops of color, this Fashionista wore a jeweled statement necklace and a fun summer color nail polish. The complementary bracelet and stud earrings play with the texture and amp up the sophisticated look—perfect for the corporate environment. And have you noticed her ombre hair? Well its an accessory on its own! It’s no wonder she was hired—she has the brains and professional look each office is looking for!

One Simple Change: Have just a few minutes after work on Friday to get ready for that girl’s night out you’ve been ready for since Monday? Swap those pants for ripped boyfriend jeans and cheer a Cosmopolitan to a well-deserved weekend!