WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

This summer, I’ve been lucky enough to call New York City my home. I’ve been exploring all of the boroughs and roaming every neighborhood I can during my short time here. I’m especially excited to be interning in SoHo so I can get constant inspiration from real city girls who know how to dress for their internships.

Around every corner and on every cobblestone road, there is another Fashionista who has a story and an awesome outfit for their day in the city.

This Fashionista wore a simple flowy black tank, strappy sandals, grungy lace-up jeans and a classic leather black tote for her internship in Lower Manhattan this day. Paired with some detailed necklaces and sunglasses, this outfit is perfect for a statement look at her internship but can also transition into several other occasions after work.

There are so many differences between styles where I’m from in Maryland to the styles in the city. Everyone has a different background and uses fashion to portray their personality. I’m so inspired by everyone who takes clothing so seriously here. Almost every girl I see on the street treats their daily outfit as if her entire personal brand depended on it.

One Simple Change: Jeans like this can go from an edgy statement during the day to a killer evening look by changing the strappy sandals to a pair of sturdy open toe wedges. That way you can feel versatile while getting some tapas downtown with friends and seeing where the night takes you!