WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

For college students, summer break doesn’t necessarily mean summer vacation. The four months between winter and fall semester usually means one thing: interning. Whether you’re interning at a news station, an online publication or a fashion magazine, you’re expected to look professional.

However, with having the internship book up most of your summer and leaving little room for anything else, it makes it easy to fall into a classic outfit routine: blazer, structured tank top and dark denim. But you don’t have to get stuck in this style rut! Dressing for your internship can be just as fun as dressing for a girl’s night out. Business casual doesn’t mean boring outfits; it just means dressing a little more on the mature and sophisticated side.

Dressed in simplistic threads from Zara and Topshop, this Fashionista rocks the daily intern grind. The darker, monochromatic colors are a great start to a good interning outfit. They are bold but still professional and using different shades in a similar color palette does just that. A great staple item that can go with basically any work outfit is the classic trench coat. It instantly makes an outfit seem business-ey yet still cool. Adding gold, embellished accessories and chunky heels brings excitement to the look without overdoing it. A large, structured tote is also a necessity when it comes to hold all your interning needs. This Fashionista is ready for another day interning!

One Simple Change: It’s Friday, the end of a hectic work week, and you want to go from the office straight to a girl’s night out. There’s no need for you to run home and change your whole outfit. Simply switch your day bag to a textured clutch for a more fun, flirty look.