WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

April 27th, 2016 at 2:00am

You spent hours perfecting your resume, you added your last details to your cover letter, you nailed your interview…. and you got the internship of your dreams (and mapped out where the closest Starbucks is to your office, of course). So there is nothing else to worry about, right? Well, not exactly. There is still that one haunting question in the back of your mind: what in the world do I wear??

The key for how any Fashionista/o should dress for an internship is to look put-together and professional without sacrificing your personal style! There are so many different internship jobs where the outfits range from strict business professional to business casual, where fashion freedom is more encouraged. Although stuffy suits will probably surround you, as an intern you don’t need to walk around looking like the next candidate of The Apprentice. So, instead of buying a three-piece suit, mix and match sophisticated separates and keep your accessories modest and professional.

Don’t be hesitant to try a dress, also! As long as it is simple, fashionable and not too short, a dress can look just as refined as a suit in the office. This Fashionista rocked that philosophy as she headed to her internship downtown in a trendy blush, lace-up dress, flat form shoes, and structured bag. Since her dress is a neutral color, she was able to play around with some simple and structured accessories to add a flare to her outfit. Her initial necklace is the perfect way to amp up her sophistication factor. Neutrals are a great way to add color to the office without showing up in a neon tulle tutu (that was exaggerated, but you catch my drift). With the creativity this Fashionista put into her outfit, she is ready to take the corporate world by storm.

One Simple Change: This outfit is so versatile that it is the perfect look to go straight to after-work dinner or fro-yo with your co-interns. Having the ability to for your outfits convert from day to night is an amazing way to put our great college budgets to use.