WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

December 22nd, 2015 at 2:10am

As a college student, you have many responsibilities that you have to tackle. As we get towards the end of the semester, studying for upcoming finals combined a lack of a good night’s sleep makes us more willing to throw on the same pair of pajama pants for the third day in a row. Who wants to spend countless hours crammed in the library wearing a dress? Soon, however, that time will come to an end, and it won’t be socially acceptable to don a shirt with a coffee stain on it.

As you start gearing up for a fresh beginning in the upcoming year, you may have landed an important internship. These opportunities are great for getting your foot in the door for your future career, so you want to make a great impression on anyone that might have their eye on you. Even though you’ll have to dress professionally for your time in the office (or wherever your internship is), that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style in order to have an outfit that makes you dressed to impress.

This Fashionisto is ready to take on a day full of internship experience! He strays away from the classic black suit for a beige sport coat. Underneath, he wears a classic white button-down shirt paired with a dotted tie. The pattern is kept simple so it keeps it professional for the Fashionisto. The belt and loafers are a matching brown for a clean-cut look. The tassels on the loafers correlate with the latest fringe trend, helping to keep this look in style. This Fashionisto finishes his outfit with his favorite pair of sunglasses.

One Simple Change: Last-minute plans to meet up with friends in town? No problem! This outfit is easily transformed when you ditch the sports coat. Loosen up the tie, roll up the sleeves on the shirt, and you’re ready for a night of fun while still looking sharp!