WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

One of my favorite things about fashion is that a lot can be told about a single person simply by the way that they dress and the aesthetic that they choose. Your garment choice is one of the first things that people notice during first interactions. Your first day internship outfit doesn’t stray away from that first observation rule. An employer can distinctly tell right away what kind of work ethic you personify the moment you step through that door. The person wearing a sloppily untucked shirt, with chipped neon green finger nail polish is definitely less likely to score the job than the person who has a crisp and clean appearance. Sometimes it’s the little details that stand out to employers the most.

So, what is it exactly that future employers are looking for in their interns? Aside from being well prepared and knowledgeable upon your arrival, your wardrobe is another item on the checklist that must be perfect when entering the office. An ideal internship outfit should steer away from bright bold colors. More monotone, or natural colors keep the boss and other employees attention away from your appearance and more on your work itself. My fellow Fashionistas should keep in mind to maintain a clean appearance. A minimal amount of makeup and either a nude color nail polish or none at all.

This Fashionista scored the perfect internship look. She paired some gray slacks with a sophisticated and conservative cardigan. This Fashionista also accessorized her outfit with her chic black and white striped umbrella. Any city interns should remember to carry around this vital accessory at all times, for you never know when random rain storms are going to strike.

One Simple Change: Meeting the girls for dinner after work, but don’t have time to go home and change? The solution is simple. Just unbutton the cardigan and throw your hair up in a high messy pony. You’ll accomplish a less sophisticated fun and flirty look!