WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

October 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

I’m a big believer in casual outfits. After about age 15, I shed the skin of the girl who liked to dress up for parties, wearing heels and shimmery gold shift dresses. She became buried in a heap of boyfriend jeans and crop tops. Nevertheless, if society was primarily comprised of distressed denim and the likes of it, a certain order—or the veneer of such, at least—would be compromised. So style became categorized into sub-units, one of them being business casual as depicted so effortlessly by this Fashionista. This type of outfit is perfect for a casual day at work or an internship. It’s not too formal to garner classic eye rolls from hipsters as you board the NQR train for your morning commute, but it’s not too casual to receive a reprimanding from your boss.

This Fashionista graced the streets of Chinatown with a beautifully patterned floral skirt and a simple black top to contrast the vitality and intricacies of the skirt. She then added a pair of black booties to detract slightly from the otherwise very put together look and give it a more street appropriate feel. This look is perfect for a day at work, followed by a stroll through busy city streets and maybe even drinks and dinner after. The skirt allows for this seamless transition, as its high quality and stiff texture exudes evening vibes while the lightness of the color and vibrancy of the flowers present a sense of daytime levity. The black top similarly proves versatile enough to lapse over from daylight to nighttime, following the lapsing of the sun.

One Simple Change: To make this look a more casual evening out look, consider exchanging the skirt for a pair of light wash high-waisted mom jeans. Cuff the bottom of the jeans, and add a pair of colorful socks paired with the same black boots and you’ve got yourself a casually artistic look—a portrait of a young Brooklynite in action. This can be perfect for a casual dinner in the city or even a daytime date with a special fellow. Not to mention that mom jeans are quite possibly the most comfortable wardrobe piece ever created (not counting leggings as legitimate outfit pieces).