WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Here at Rutgers, fall semester is now in full swing! Between classes and clubs, you have to get some experience and make a little pocket change here and there. It’s very popular for college students to pick up an internship during the semester, either to make some cash or earn more college credit. It’s a great way to boost your resume and gain experience in your future career field. This Fashionista’s outfit is ideal for a day at a more relaxed internship. It’s relaxed, but professional; it shows personality, yet allows her to still look like she should be taken seriously.

R-U-RAH-RAH! As some of you may know, Rutgers University exudes that Scarlet Knight pride, even more so now that we’re in the Big Ten Conference. I love that our Fashionista is donning school colors, as it adds to the overall essence of the look. Her choice of red lipstick complements her scarlet red chiffon blouse. The black skater skirt is the ideal length for an internship. She stuck to a solid color palette that is ideal for the workplace environment. The platform boots give her a lot of height, but still manages to look comfortable for those long hours sitting in the office. Finally, the dangling earrings adds some sparkle to the look.

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily be transitioned from a day look to a night look. Switch the flared skirt to a bodycon leather skirt and you’re ready for an evening out on the town!