WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

July 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

If I’ve learned anything from living in Florida, it’s to always be prepared. The weather here can go from hot and muggy to rainy and crisp in a matter of minutes. This Fashionista won’t let a little torrential downpour dampen her day. Scurrying to beat the rain, I ran into her on the way to her internship. Although it might seem like a bit much to be wearing a blazer in July, the overly air-conditioned buildings can be just as relentless as the heat outside.

The simple royal blue dress this Fashionista is wearing complements her fair skin tone and creates a great contrast against her amazing red locks. The sweetheart neckline coupled with the shape of the skirt keeps the look professional, and cool. She polishes the look by adding a chunky necklace and neutral, beaded sandals.

Textures are a great way to provide an outfit with some depth and not overwhelm yourself with multiple colors and patterns. When viewed from afar the dress appears to only have the pleats that give the dress a nice, flared shaped. However, when you come nearer, you can see the woven texture of the dress. What really pulls this look together is the contrast of different textures against each other. The smooth material of the blazer looks clean against the waffle-weave texture of the dress. Even the geometric necklace plays into the contrast of texture. The gold outline around the triangles mimics the raised material that creates the tiny squares along the dress.

One Simple Change: Taking this look from intern ready to night on the town is quick and simple! Bring a pair of neutral kitten heels to change into after your shift ends, and you’ll be sure to look the part of a chic intern.