WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

During this season in particular, it is easy to find college students out and about at their internships. This means we have about three months worth of outfits to pull together, and not every one of those will be a pencil skirt and a button-down. An internship outfit can be pulled together while expressing your personal style at the same time. This Fashionista’s outfit is one way you can wear patterned pants in an internship look.

The soft floral printed pants are the main focus of the look, with the other elements acting to complement them. The soft blazer polishes the look a bit, making the more casual pants suitable for the workplace. Having a lightweight blazer also helps to shift from a cold office building to hot pavement.

Black is the unifying color that keeps the whole outfit grounded so the floral print will not be overbearing. Even in a more professional setting, you can wear a bold print that may seem out of place on its own. As long as it’s the only statement pattern in the look, you can subdue it with neutral colors in other parts of your outfit. In more casual internship environments, for graphic design or journalism, it is easier to wear prints freely with bold colors or other prints.

The sunglasses are certainly cool girl material and very much a fun seasonal accessory. Honestly, it’s hard to wear sunglasses in the dark gloom of January without looking silly or blind. The silver rings and necklace add some visual interest, which is easy to accomplish using metallics since they do not distract from or conflict with the outfit. The nude flip flops may not be the most appropriate for every office position, but they are handy for slipping out to lunch.

One Simple Change: After your internship, you can switch out your shoes for a well-deserved girl’s night out. Put on a pair of pumps with a print in the same color palette as the pants. The contrasting patterns keep the look youthful, and the simple pumps add length to the leg.