WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

As college students, we all go through the process of finding the perfect internship for our future career. The stressful process of finding the right internship can take a toll on you and your confidence, and when you find the right one you want to impress everyone you are working with. The best way to impress your coworkers and your employer is with your knowledge in the field, but looking your best most definitely does not hurt! The saying “dress to impress” is a motto to live by in the work place. Having the perfect outfit on for the job cannot only influence the way your coworkers feel about you, but it gives you that extra boost of confidence we all need.

It can be hard to pick what to wear for your internship, particularly when there are no specific guidelines. Most Fashionistos are used to throwing on a comfortable, trendy T-shirt and jeans and just running with it but clearly that just wouldn’t fly in the professional world. Even if it was allowed in a casual setting, sometimes putting some thought and effort into your everyday wardrobe can really make you stick out in a way others might not strive for.

This Fashionisto demonstrates just how easy it can be to bring your own style and comfort into a trendy, yet professional look. He pairs his gray and white checkered button-down with a beige pair of khaki pants for a fresh look for the summer. By adding a black tie and a flashy Bulova watch, he adds that little bit of flare that will make him stick out from the rest of his coworkers. If you don’t have 20/20 like this Fashionisto, skip the contacts and rock a cool pair of glasses with a sleek square frame for a surprisingly in look.

One Simple Change: Headed to a night class after your internship? Take off the tie roll up your sleeves and add throw on a pair of jeans for a more casual look but to still look put together.