WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

July 6th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hot summer months call for light materials that are breathable and make you a little less susceptible to sweating. But if you’re anything like me, that’s nearly impossible. It doesn’t matter the temperature outside; I’ve come to terms with the fact that New York City is almost always a hot sweaty mess (at this time of year at least).

The first thing I noticed in this Fashionista’s outfit were her chambray joggers. Chambray, by definition, is a “double-ply cotton fabric with a tight weave.” With that being said, the material is similar to denim, but different in the fact that it’s smoother and lighter in weight. I can attest from personal experience that wearing denim in the summer is not always the best idea. Luckily, these super fashionable joggers present themselves as an alternative. I also love that this Fashionista chose joggers for a sporty and trendier part of her outfit.

This Fashionista decided to pair her lightweight joggers with a textured and cropped peplum top. The color is crème; keeping it neutral and drawing the attention to the cinched waist and heavier pattern in the material. The cutout in the back gives a sexy feel, but this Fashionista was wise by covering it up with a loose fit cardigan to keep it office appropriate.

Espadrilles are the definition of a summer shoe, regardless of the style. These Vince Camuto wedges are a great choice for summer fun, but also make a statement with their thick black band and buckle. Her silver and gold KORS Michael Kors watch and bracelet on her left wrist make a statement while still maintaining simplicity and professionalism.

One Simple Change: It’s time for happy hour and your workday is done! Ditch the cardigan and don’t be afraid to show some skin. Swap out your espadrilles for a black leather wedge to dress up your look. And don’t forget a clutch for all of your personal essentials!