WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Hello and welcome to the crunch before orientation begins! For three weeks, the SUNY New Paltz orientation staff has been training enthusiastically and persistently for freshman orientation. In less than a week’s time, bright eyed first years will begin their descent upon SUNY New Paltz and get their first taste of college, a.k.a. the last step before the real world!

This Fashionisto is a blonde stud with a baby face and a killer sense of style. He was wearing a blue and yellow striped tie over a simple blue dress shirt, a black sports jacket, khaki pants and brown loafers. Khaki was commonly been used in military uniforms and for camouflage. The clothing got its coloring from being dyed in mulberry juice. It is not entirely clear how khaki made the move from military garb to casual Friday staple, but it was most likely during post-WWII when people began to wear former army uniforms in public. The reason for adopting khaki to public fashion could potentially be for the sense of authority and professionalism that the military commands. Military uniforms have frequently found their way into fashion. For example, combat boots, another military staple, have crossed over into the fashion world and are particularly prevalent in punk and gothic subcultures.

His outfit is perfect for an internship because khaki is the ideal mix of youthful, eager to help and professional. The outfit’s simple colors bring out the bright tie while the sports jacket dresses up his ensemble and gives him major swag. Khaki is a multipurpose bottom that looks perfect for any event, whether it is running an errand for an internship or going to class. If you’re unsure of what to wear for an informal or casual event, choose khaki.

One Simple Change: This outfit would also be well-suited for an interview if the khaki pants were replaced with a pair of black slacks.