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WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Internship wear is best described by the phrase: dress to impress. While you adjust to new internship roles and unfamiliar work environments, your appearance is pivotal in establishing an impression. Because your outfit translates as an imperative tool that conveys your personality and professionalism in the workplace, it is crucial to assemble outfits that enhance the statement you’re putting out about yourself.

This week’s Fashionista has mastered this aspect of internship life flawlessly. She pairs a casual, black boyfriend pocket T-shirt from H&M with a pendant necklace from Forever 21. To contrast the dark colors of her statement jewelry and loose-fitting T-shirt, she’s wearing a pair of white distressed skinny jeans from JCPenney. She has also added a pop of color to her ensemble to. In addition to the bright mustard color of her Nine West clutch, she’s wearing a cute and comfortable pair of teal ribbon sandals from Sseko Designs.

To give the outfit a little bit of edge, she’s rockin’ a floral kimono from JCPenney, as well as two gold bangles that are from India. One nicely adds a little bit of glamour and bling to the outfit, .

Her look is simple and polished but conveys a mature and professional feel as a result of the basic colors. Most importantly, note that her outfit complements the energy of the workplace as the T-shirt and jeans embodies the laid back feel of the company she’s working for. Keep this in mind as you sift through your wardrobe looking for the pieces to make your outfit. Be sure that your outfit is appropriate for the environment you’re working in.

One Simple Change: If you’re interning in a more prestigious company, exchange the distressed white jeans for a pair of dark denim or black pants to convey a more professional feel.