WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Most college students are at a summer internship right now, and the hot days are sometimes a challenge when trying to dress professionally and stay fresh at the same time. This Fashionista nailed a perfect look that makes her look work appropriate and is perfect for those summer days.

It is true that on those very hot days we only want to wear our bikinis and go to beach. However we have to work hard in order to buy all those shoes; besides, this give us the perfect occasion to wear those polished outfits that feel too dressy for school. If you are a working girl, take the example from this Fashionista and pair silk shorts with an elegant shirt. The key is the fabrics and the balance of the outfit; the fact that her T-shirt and shorts are made in silk makes her look more polished than if she was wearing a simple cotton T-shirt. Also, if you are wearing shorts to work, make sure they are not too short and that the upper part of your outfit covers enough skin, otherwise you’ll be in danger of looking unprofessional.

Remember that most internships will require you to walk a lot! Take the example of this Fashionista and wear flats. A good pair of elegant loafers will do the trick; they are very comfortable and make every outfit look more sophisticated without the need of a heel. Furthermore, keep your accessories simple but chic—you don’t want to be distracting to others. However small accessories will upgrade your look and make it look more expensive.

One Simple Change: It’s finally Friday! Go and celebrate with your coworkers or fellow interns. Simply apply a bold red lipstick and you will be ready to dance the night away.