WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Most summers for college students are spent making connections through internships or a job. Calculating who to connect with throughout your experience can be tricky when you don’t know if specific someone will become beneficial to you later in your career. What can also be tricky is not always knowing what’s acceptable to wear for an internship or upcoming conference.

This Fashionista is modeling a classy ensemble for a day on the job as an intern. It’s easy to lose the motivation to dress for work, but it’s also extremely easy to go above and beyond with your attire. This Fashionista is wearing a patterned dress that’s simple, but not distracting or obnoxious.

You also don’t want to wear inappropriate jewelry that presents you in the wrong way to the people you meet. Pearls are always the way to go. Whether you are going for a simple look or even wearing a cluster of pearls as a statement, pearls give off the image of maturity and class; a look to strive for during an internship!

Shoes are the same as jewelry. Don’t enter the first day of your internship in six-inch high heels that you’re incapable of walking in! There’s nothing worse than having your first day on the job being the worst day because of the shoes you picked out. People also make a decision or judgement about a person within the first (approximately) seventeen seconds that they meet someone, so wearing shoes that aren’t necessarily appropriate is not the route you want to take. Try shooting for something comfortable and trendy, yet fitting for the position. ALDO has a large selection of shoes to choose from that are business casual and exceptionally fashionable, but are also great options for a night out. It’s always good to purchase something versatile for your business casual wardrobe and your personal wardrobe!

Always remember your tote and supplies, as well. Another way to make the first day the worst day is to come unprepared. Aim for a tote that is trendy, but also interchangeable with your many outfits. Searching for a tan tote is the best decision because it looks great with almost any outfit. Nordstrom’s selection is beautiful, but my most favorite tote is the kate spade new york Cedar Street Harmony tote. It’s super classy and has a great color!

An internship can be intimidating when deciding who to create a relationship with and what to wear. Go into your new experience confident and poised. The trickiest outfits are those worn within the first week since you’re just getting used to what you need to wear. Try to not wear too many patterns or a dress that is too casual. My best advice is to wear simple, classy and sophisticated attires that impress your new coworkers!

One Simple Change: If you aren’t a stripes or patterns type of person, LOFT has a nice collection of plain dresses that are still appropriate for an internship. The great thing about patternless dresses is that they still contain details and look great with the items featured in this post!