WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

As I reminisce on my transition from meek high school student to “mature” college kid, few things got me more excited to enter adulthood than living away from my parents and finally having a no restrictive dress code.

I recall with bitterness the endless rules and restrictions regarding my clothing choices both in middle and high school and under my parent’s roof. The inability to wear shorts above the knee or anything that even hinted at my shoulders or décolletage certainly put a damper on my options as a budding Fashionista.

Once college rolled around, I jumped at the chance to wear a strapless dress or a pair of leggings to class without the disapproving looks of my parents or the threat of getting into trouble at school. I basked in my ability to wear, quite literally, whatever I wanted (including some costumes.) I did so, until I learned that even in the real adult world, there is unfortunately a dress code…if I wanted a job, that is.

While some employers may be more lax than others on what you can show up to work in, it’s best to dress professionally and modestly. When in doubt, business casual it out, man! When dressing for your summer job or internship, think about what would meet your school’s dress code in addition to what gives off a professional vibe, but don’t let that keep you from dressing fashionably!

Like this Fashionista proves, a sleeveless shift dress is a fab option during the summer. The strapless silhouette will keep you cool during the summer months while the high neck and shoulder coverage keep things a little more modest. If you’re feeling like your style is being restricted, don’t be afraid to pile on the jewelry (as long as it’s not too distracting). Grab a pair of fun kicks that’ll prepare you for hours of coffee runs or copy making and you’re ready to go!

One Simple Change: Going straight from work to play? For the perfect GNO attire, switch out your comfy, cute work shoes for a pair of swanky summer wedges. Swipe on a colorful lipstick, pack up your laptop and wave goodbye to the office and hello to girl’s night out.