WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Us students know how to handle long days during the semester. Whether you have a job, a hobby, a club to go to or an internship, there are multiple activities we take part in on top of our regular school priorities. With such a long day ahead you want to make sure you prepare mentally and physically for it. Internships can be a little bit trickier just because your normal school day would most likely be spent wearing your favorite boyfriend jeans or sweats. Believe me I know the struggle of wanting to dress down when you know you must dress up.

Internships are important because it’s an opportunity to learn and experience hands on training in the field you have chosen. While building your resume, networking and maybe even hoping to turn your intern position into something more permanent you must take into consideration the need to stand out. Through personality and hard work you can do this but you can also do this through fashion. If you know you have class the same day you intern you must first and foremost put together an outfit that is not only fashionable but also comfortable.

For the fall months of September/October, NYC still hasn’t made up its mind whether it wants to be cold or hot. This allows this Fashionista to still get away with throwing on comfy scalloped shorts. I love the idea of a school uniform shirt. This white necktie blouse is the cutest because it gives off the appearance of tie/bow-tie without actually having to wear one. One must also have the perfect tote bag to carry around schoolbooks and personal items. Finally adding a tiny cute heel with some detail can hype up any professional attire. Now you are ready to rock that Internship!