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WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

June 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer is a perfect time to build your résumé and gain some experience in your field of interest through an internship. The main purpose of an internship is to prepare young college students for the real world. One of the most important parts of going into the business world is making a good first impression and also looking professional.

This Fashionista looks perfectly polished in a collared dress paired with chestnut gladiator sandals. The dress while being modest, is still fashion-forward. Collared dresses are becoming more of a trend, especially within business settings because it is a way to look professional but still be expressive, sophisticated and bold. Also, wearing a dress is a way to still look tasteful but also be comfortable in the summer heat. Gladiator sandals are also a comfortable shoe for an intern to wear while commuting and running errands. It is especially important for interns working in busy cities to wear comfortable and agreeable footwear for the hot weather. Even though flats are usually considered the more professional option, gladiator sandals such as these are more secure due to their buckled feature, making them less likely to fall off. Also, this Fashionista remained neutral in her clothing colors with a navy dress and chestnut shoe, which is important to do until you familiarize yourself with how formal and reserved the office you work at dresses.

This Fashionista was also well equipped with a large leather tote, perfectly sized to carry all the intern essentials: planner, lunch, sweater and so on. Bigger bags can still be considered business appropriate as long as the patterns and colors remain fairly neutral. What I loved most about this Fashionista’s outfit was her delicate and simple earrings. Proper accessories are one of the hardest parts of pulling together an appropriate outfit for an internship. These earrings still dress up the outfit but in a feminine and graceful way. The small gold chain and silver stone bring together a more fluorescent and luminous look. Even though the earrings are dangled they are still proper for most offices since they do not pass her chin and are simple colors.

One Simple Change: This outfit could also be perfect for running errands due to the lightweight material of the dress. However, I would recommend a shoe with a little bit more support to be feel more comfortable and a smaller bag in order to not be weighed down.