WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

After high school, many college students also graduate their ideas of wanting a carefree summer. Sole indulgence in leisure does not meet their new aspirations. In order to satisfy growing appetites, they add summer courses, internships, study-abroad trips and research fellowships to their list of summer activities. These responsibilities restrain summertime freedom. However, for a Fashionisto/a it does not discourage his/her desire to sport summertime styles. It is easy for a Fashionisto/a to show his/her favorite trends at school or during study abroad. Taking on the realm of corporate fashion is not as simple. Have no fear. This article is here to your rescue.

Getting dressed for class is not quite the same as getting dressed for an internship. Most of us interns work in offices that enforce a business casual/formal dress code.That means, unlike when roaming our campus, we can not wear whatever we want when stepping into our workplace. However, within the restrictions of our office dress codes there is still room for personal expression. It is definitely possible for us young professionals to be classy while dressing stylishly.

My word of advice to first time interns is to keep it simple. If you’re wondering how to dress to your “Fashionista/o” standards in your workplace, this Fashionista has the solution to your problem.

This Fashionista’s outfit is reminiscent of the classic female-intern uniform. That is a white collared shirt and a pencil skirt. However, she has swapped the basic black pencil skirt for a bright-colored midi with an exposed gold zip and a modest front split. Similarly, she picked out a sleeveless blouse with a ruffled collar instead of a long sleeve blouse with a folded neckline.

It is a good method to use a basic outfit as the the blueprint of your perfect corporate ensemble. You add personality to the look by swapping out pieces with similar items of clothing. This planning jazzes things up without getting out of control.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize. But if you do, accessorize wisely. Keeping up with the bright fuchsia red hue of her skirt, this Fashionista added an extra touch of prep to her ensemble with a pair of J.Crew stone burst earrings. I also love her neutral court pumps, with neatly adorned emblems (not well pictured) at the heel. Knowing my weakness for staple pieces, it should be no surprise that my fashion emotions were infatuated with these heels.

One Simple Change: Business attire has made its way to the streets with midis and court shoes evolving into popular night-life wear. If this young honey decides to join her girls for a night out after work, she can swap her white blouse for a nude bodysuit and J.Crew earrings for big hoops.