WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Every dawn has its dusk, and every college student has his or her day. (I think that’s how the saying goes?). Either way that day is today, particularly for the boys, who will have to dress in a suit and tie for their internship. In most cases I opt to walk a zigzag line on the edge, but when it comes to stepping out of the lecture hall and diving straight into professionalism it’s best to dress the part. But keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can’t make it your part…you obviously got the job for a reason.

Look to this Fashionisto above, who exudes his part as a confident and more than well-dressed accounting intern. He takes a light blue square patterned button-down shirt and fastens a striped magenta and blue washed tie over top of ithe effortlessly challenged the rule of no mixing squares and stripes and made it a statement of his own flair.

He continues to demonstrate his sleek sense of fashion through complementing his dark hair and facial hair in his choice of dark colored pants and jacket. The key factor in his suit and tie attire is the size of the jacket and pants, it is important to keep a slimmer fit in both the sleeves and legs, this will leave you looking fresh and up to par on the latest suit trends. Continuing to finish his look, he does so with a leather bound watch and a nice little cufflink of the British flag, paying homage to one of his favorite cities in the world, London.

One Simple Change: The likelihood that you will be able to leave your internship and make it home to change and go right back out for a boys night out in a timely manner are slim to none. Instead, ditch the jacket and tie, and along with a quick sleeve roll-up and undoing of a button or two, you’ll be ready to go for the rest of the night out.