WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

The beginning of summer means a lot of college students start their internships or jobs! It’s important to dress the part for any occasion, especially in a professional setting. This Fashionista is wearing the perfect example of what to wear to an internship! It’s simple, chic and professional!

Since interns aren’t usually paid for their work, you might not have the extra cash to buy a new wardrobe for work. Instead my tip is to use basic pieces you might already have in your closet and add statement accessories. This look is super versatile—since the top and bottom are both neutral colors, it’s easier to recycle the outfit for the next week by changing up the accessories. This Fashionista uses neutrals to mix and match her pieces; even her flats are nude to keep up with the theme of neutral colors. She adds a pop of color by wearing a statement necklace to complete her look. Her black denim is my favorite part about the outfit. They give you the ability to wear jeans on the job while looking more professional than you would in any standard pair of denim.

One Simple Change: When you finally get out of work for the day and need to switch up your business look for one that’s more relaxed, try trading in your flats for a comfy pair of slip-on sneakers! If your feet are anything like mine, wearing flats all day rubs my ankles and make it uncomfortable to walk. These slip-on sneakers will give your feet more support and give you a casual look for your evening, whether you’re hanging out with friends or going out to dinner!