WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

It’s that time of year, once again. You either have an internship or are searching for one for the coming summer months. The question that comes to all of our minds is simple: “What do I wear?” The weather is getting warmer and for a female, that’s easy—dresses and skirts. For men, however, there are not as many practical options. Let me be your guide.

Check out this Fashionisto. He looks current and cool in his dress slacks and white button-down. You can ask anyone I know—but there are few things I love more than a crisp white button-down. There’s something about it on a guy that I just like. It’s simple and chic. It’s basically the LBD equivalent for men. It can do no wrong. He brings it together perfectly with the soft gray slacks and the caramel brown accents. The shoes, messenger bag and belt really make the whole look pop. The European-inspired look reminds me of something I’d see in Florence, and I love it!

This outfit will blend in with any office look perfectly. And the best part? There is no suit coat required. You can thank me later, boys. It’s a simple way to look professional, stylish and not sweat through your shirt. The pants are lightweight enough that there won’t be any issues. In the cool spring weather this look is perfect. For those crisp days, you can throw on a peacoat and be on your way.

One Simple Change: Throw on a suit vest, and you’re ready for a classy date night. Your girl will approve, promise.