WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

The beginning of spring semester instantly shifts into the chaotic search for summer internships. Just as we are getting back into the grind of a heavy course load, we then have to think about the untouched stack of summer applications piling up since winter break. However, there are some who used winter vacation to sleep a little less and get further ahead with an early spring internship.

I saw this Fashionista on her way to her internship at the University’s hospital. The medical wardrobe usually gets me to think of those bland blue scrubs that all physicians wear on call. Instead, this Fashionista dared a subtle edgy look to bring her A game on the job. Her neutral cashmere sweater and skinny slacks give her ensemble a mod, business casual feel. She finished her look with a layered necklace and maroon booties that give her neutral tones an unexpected pop.

This look is perfect for those winter days where warmth is key and style is essential. An internship is the best opportunity to play dress up with your closet and impress your employer. A classic sweater and slacks convey a well put together person. This outfit is so versatile that it can be played up or down depending on the formality of the internship setting. Whether you pair your signature garb with a matching coat to bide the cold spell or even a pair of killer stilettos is to your discretion.

One simple change: This outfit would be great for an evening Greek life event! Switch the cashmere sweater for a sweatshirt with your letters and proudly represent your chapter.