WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

It’s the beginning of the new semester and you are finally an intern at your dream company. You work hard both at your internship and in the classroom. I know, it’s stressful. But one thing that shouldn’t have to be stressful is how you dress! Deciding what to wear and what not to wear during an internship should not stress you out. It’s something you will have to decide on every day of your life in your future career. When I spotted this Fashionisto walking around campus, I had a hunch that he was on his way to or from an internship, and I was correct.

On this blistering cold, winter day, this Fashionisto made sure to bundle up in his black Express peacoat. A peacoat is a classy, professional piece in which any intern would be smart to invest. This Fashionisto pairs his peacoat with a white shirt and patterned tie from Joseph A. Banks. He also threw on a black V-neck sweater from H&M. A shirt and tie is essential for any fashionable intern. These timeless essentials have always been true staples in the closet of business casual attire. This Fashionisto was smart to layer with a black V-neck sweater, considering he’s living in cold western Pennsylvania. This, along with his khaki pants from American Eagle and black dress shoes, helps to keep him warm during his long day commuting from internship to class.

This Fashionisto’s mostly neutral attire is attractive in the business world because it makes him seem sleek and serious. After all, most companies don’t want their interns walking into the office with bright colored shirts and patterned pants. This Fashionisto knows how to dress to impress.

One Simple Change: If you’re planning a date night after spending a day interning in the office, lose the white shirt and tie and keep it more casual with black V-neck sweater. Add a shiny new watch in to add some pizzazz to the outfit, too.