WHAT TO WEAR: In The Merry Old Land

It was a day of exploring, window shopping and eating good food. This past weekend, my friend and I traveled to Cleveland to check out the city. I had never been to Cleveland before, so I was interested to see what the city had in store. On our exploration we checked out Lake Erie, where my friend and I decided to have a spontaneous photoshoot. We ate lunch at Pizza (216) and finished with dessert at Colossal Cupcakes, where we enjoyed some enormous cupcakes. While our day exploring the city was a wonderful way to spend our Veterans’ Day, this post is about my friend’s outfit for a day out in the city.

Veterans’ Day in Cleveland was a little chilly and very windy. There were times when we could barely move the wind was blowing so hard. I just adored the way my friend paired her leather jacket with a blanket scarf and boots. It was definitely the perfect outfit for our day out in the city. She managed to dress not only for the weather but also for this season’s trends—knee-high boots, pirate shirts, blanket scarves and the timeless classic, the leather jacket.

When exploring any city the key is comfort because “these boots were made for walking.” I don’t know about you, but I love walking all around a city because I feel you get the best experience when you have to find your way around the cement jungle on foot. Cleveland was pretty easy to navigate, so we were able to see a lot of the downtown. I enjoyed my time in Cleveland, and now you know the perfect outfit for a day out in the city!