WHAT TO WEAR: In Between Seasons

This year’s weather is one for the books. One week it can be sunny and 60, and then the following week can be a snow storm. Because of this unpredictable change, it can be difficult to decide what to wear. Is it still necessary to layer up or can we start breaking out some lighter pieces of clothing? One way to balance this imbalance is to incorporate both. Don’t completely get rid of all your winter clothes just yet, but trade a few items off with a few light spring items instead. During one of the warmer days on campus, I spotted this Fashionisto who perfectly incorporated this in between seasons look.

One article of clothing that I find versatile in all seasons are flannels. This Fashionisto is wearing a warm-colored flannel which ties in the coziness of winter but is also light and appropriate for the warmer weather. Another staple item that most guys wear are khakis. He is rocking a pair of light wash khakis which again are versatile in all seasons. Now for the most important part of an outfit for guys, their shoes. A recent trend in men’s shoe fashion is wearing leather boots. They give off a sense of style while also looking professional. This Fashionisto is wearing a pair of light brown leather boots. As for accessories, guys don’t go too overboard like us girls, but a simple watch can really pull a whole outfit together.

Dressing during the transition between seasons can be difficult but is still manageable. It is important to stay warm during the colder days by wearing a sweater or a jacket, but be sure to have a lighter layer on underneath, just in case the sun decides to come out. I find wearing the cozy colors of winter but in clothing articles that are lighter perfectly balances the in between seasons look.