WHAT TO WEAR: How to Make Going to Class More Fun

Most days going to class is not an easy task, let alone deciding what to wear to class. It also may be hard to find the will to dress well, or with as much expression of style, once it gets a little colder. But, sometimes, actually putting thought in what to wear to class is important. Sometimes looking good means being more productive and enthusiastic about the content and the work. Also, sometimes experimenting with clothes and new trends is a great way to express yourself no matter how cold it is or how much you don’t want to go to class.

Instead of letting the cold weather and laziness stop her, this Fashionista decided to take advantage of the cold weather and showed us all how to be rock mom jeans and lace-up boots for class. This look is a great way to experiment with new trends while also remaining warm and functional for the cold walk to class. Not only does she defy the winter cold with her sweater and warm boots, her use of color with her yellow sweater is also a great contrast against the gray skies of winter. Also, the blue color of the flowers in her long sleeve T-shirt corresponds very well to the blue tones in her jeans.

This Fashionista really showed us all how to be stylish and comfortable going to class during the winter. Next time before going to class, try and experiment and switch up your regular look for one that will have you feeling stylish and more motivated all day!