WHAT TO WEAR: How to Dress in Southern California

April 20th, 2017 at 2:00am

One more quarter for us here at UC Davis! This month I was fortunate enough to come visit my family in Los Angeles for spring break. Here in Northern California, we are still getting a mix of cold and warm days, but in Southern California it was HOT, and I loved it. I was able to wear some nice spaghetti strap tops, some trousers, grab my sunglasses, and enjoy the day out. While I was out, I was lucky enough to run into this Fashionisto. Immediately, his outfit grabbed my attention and I knew I had to share his style.

Personally, I never pick up anything in maroon; it doesn’t seem to be my color. After seeing this Fashionisto’s trousers, I immediately changed my mind. These trousers are a beautiful maroon color—nice and loose for walking around and enjoying the weather. Usually everyone reserves this color for the fall. The maroon stands out in the background of colorful leaves. However, the spring sunlight perfectly captures and brings attention to this color. You can cop a pair of a similar look here (unfortunately no maroon, but a statement color nonetheless).

Since the trousers are the statement piece of the outfit, the white top is a good decision made by the Fashionisto. This top is simple and pairs well with the trousers.

To make the outfit more fitted, the Fashionisto chose to wear some tight laced-up boots. Because the whole outfit is more loose, the boots makes the outfit look more well put together and casual. Plus, boots are one of the most comfortable shoes for being out and about. Most of us already have a pair of Dr. Martens hanging out in our closet, but for those of you missing out there is no need to worry. You can easily cop a pair of these shoes here.

There is definitely no hesitation in declaring that this outfit is perfect for Los Angeles weather!