WHAT TO WEAR: How to Conquer an Early Class

February 14th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: How to Conquer an Early Class

For all of you late-nighters like me, who probably couldn’t bring yourself to be a morning person if your life depended on it, you know the struggle of waking up with enough time before class to look somewhat presentable. I mean, don’t get me wrong, no one’s saying you have to dress to impress every day of the week, but my motto isn’t “Look good, feel good” for no reason! There’s a method to my madness people.

This Fashionista found a way around the dreadful mornings; yes, I know it’s a miracle. She conquered her 8 a.m. class by pairing a rose colored, lightweight, suede vest with a pair of light wash ripped jeans, a black, lace long sleeve, and knee-high boots. She added an elephant choker, miscellaneous bracelets, a few rings, and a Steve Madden cross-body bag to the outfit and called it a day. Not only does the faded rose color of the vest look great this time of year, but the extra layer added to the outfit is perfect for when it’s not too cold out and a jacket isn’t necessary. I look for inspiration from this look because by adding the right accessories to an outfit as simple as a long sleeve, vest, and a pair of your favorite jeans, you change the whole vibe instantaneously. The intricacy of the details and accessories complement the simplicity of the outfit, and that’s why it works so well for her!

Whether you realize it or not, our style adjusts for the environments we’re in. This look works great for class but could also work for a party or even just a shopping trip with your girlfriends! The amazing thing about fashion is that when it comes to styling outfits, a look can work for a lot more than just one occasion or event. Take some styling tips from this Fashionista because this outfit is one to copy.