WHAT TO WEAR: Home for the Holidays

Home for the holidays for most people means enjoying the winter holiday season with their families, friends, and cold weather. Home for the holidays for Floridians (like myself) means an escape from the cold and a time to enjoy the beach and warm outdoors. Us Floridians enjoy our warm paradise, but we want to wear cute winter clothes, too! It’s no fun (style-wise) to be celebrating the holidays in shorts, a tank top, and sandals while everyone else gets to wear their cute jackets and boots. So, when my friend came over to my house wearing this outfit, I was so happy to see her embracing winter style regardless of the warm-ish temperature.

This Fashionista allows some breeze to cool her down from the Florida heat by wearing a white flowy top and a light leather jacket. She pairs these with black skinny jeans and black booties. My personal favorite part of the look, other than her flawless eyebrows, would be her holiday-inspired red nails with a gold accent ring finger. Classy, holiday-esque, and totally wearable all at the same time. Her look would not be complete without her perfectly straight, balayage hair and simple makeup. This look allows this Fashionista to give in to her desire to wear typical winter clothing without sweating in the unruly Florida heat. I was definitely inspired by this outfit to try and step away from the summer clothing that makes up most of my wardrobe and attempt to put together some fall/winter inspired looks for myself.

I loved this look for so many reasons, but mostly because this Fashionista was not afraid to take risks by donning winter apparel despite the 70 degree temperatures that may stray most people away from warmer clothing. She proves that you can look seasonally appropriate anywhere, anytime, without being overwhelmed by heat and humidity. So while you’re home for the holidays, regardless of where you are, don’t be afraid to take fashion risks and wear whatever your heart desires! Until next time, #stayrad and happy new year!